Subsurface Exploration, Expert's Opinion, Planning, Supervision, etc.


Hydraulic Engineering & Geohydraulics

  • Site investigation, analysis, and evaluation
  • Geohydraulic calculations
  • Geotechnical consulting services, design, and planning
  • Geotechnical construction support services and supervision

Geohydraulic Calculations:

  • 2- and 3-dimensional flow simulations
  • Steady and unsteady flow analysis
  • Groundwater impoundment forecasts
  • Water-volume calculations
  • Design of dewatering systems
  • Groundwater-flow modeling and monitoring
  • Infiltration analysis

Hydraulic Engineering:

  • Flood protection systems
  • Dike maintenance
  • Geotechnical analysis for review of dike stability
  • Reconstruction planning for dikes and dams


Culvert at the Mittellandkanal
Dike status analysis - Schnauder
Dike status analysis - Pleiße